Part Time Accounts Administrator

SAAX is available for 20 hours per week or full time work during school holidays. Experienced with MYOB, Xero, MS Office and all accounting tasks through to month end and financial statements. She can also look after your payroll.

AAXS - Admin | Reception | Customer Service | Debtors/Creditors

AAXS is an amazing candidate. She will make your customers feel loved and she will brighten everyone’s day with her upbeat personality. Any employer will be better off for having her on their team.
She is proficient in MS Office and MYOB Debtors/Creditors and she is a quick study.
She is looking for her next position as her current employer moves offices to a new suburb in December

KDAB - Credit Controller | Sales Support

KDAB will be a long serving loyal employee. She is looking for a new environment to reignite her passion for administration and her innate desire to serve. If you want stability and continuity in a role KDAB will bring this.

YAAM - Office Administrator | Sales Support

Location - Auckland

Are you looking for a friendly face and a customer service centric phone operator then YAAM might be just the right fit and she can offer you so much more. She is process driven, cares for detail and is well versed in reporting and support functions.

UAAK - office Manager | Accounts Manager | Accounts Assistant | Payroll Officer

Location - Auckland

UAAK is very engaging and confident and we are sure she will be a welcome addition to your team. She can handle all your general office management functions as well as offering you proficiency in all aspects of bookkeeping, GST, Payroll, FBT, RWT and Credit management. She has worked in logisitcs, health and architecture so she can offer industry specific knowledge in these sectors as well.

LAXE - Office Manager | Administrator

Location - Greater Auckland

LAXE is an advanced user of MS Office and she can also offer you proficiency in MYOB if required. Her background is also in Customer Service so if you need a friendly face and service with efficiency she could be what you are looking for.

ALCABA - Office Manager | Human Resources

Location - Auckland
Education - MBA in Human Resource Management and Marketing Management 2008
- Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 2018
ALCABA’s passion is human resources including recruitment but he is also proficient in Office Management duties. He would be a suitable candidate to join your existing HR department or he could manage your office with HR as a sub duty.

JMAA - Sales Support | Customer Service

Location - Auckland
Experience in both Account Management and Sales positions for the past 3 years.  She is recognised for building rapport with her customers very quickly.  Her background in hospitality has also given her a strong foundation in customer service.  She is energetic and a quick study.

CBAS - Personal Assistant | Office Manager | 

Location - Auckland North Shore
Positions Held - Trade Retail Sales Support, Warehousing Accounts Clerk, Customer Service and Administration, PA to General Manager
CBAS has a passion for organising and serving and possesses strong communication skills.  She has intermediate/advanced skills in MS Office and will quickly learn other relevant software applications as required.  She is loyal by nature and is ready for her next career move.  She will be valuable as a Personal Assistant or Office Manager.  She will make sure the troupes are rallied and the deadlines and objectives are met.

ADAJ - Project Manager | Print Procurement 

Location - Auckland
Certifications - Diploma in Media Design and Technology, GS1 Compliant Operator
ADAJ - comes from a Print and Pre-Press background spanning over 10 years giving him all the skills and knowledge required to make sound and cost effective print acquisitions.  His background includes staff management and customer liaisons and he has a particular passion for work flow management.  He has a sound knowledge of Adobe's Creative Suite and RIP software.    He is hungry for career and skills development and presents as a fast learner with excellent communication skills.

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