TMACC - Photographer | Image Coordinator and Post Production Editor | Moving Image Design

Location - Auckland 

TMACC is currently in her 2nd year of Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photography at Whitecliffe University of of Arts and Design and she has paid experience with studio lighting and photograohy of people and product, private photoshoots including family, sports, headshots, events, videography contracts.  She was also recently employed as Image Coordinator and Post Production Editing for an agency.  She works with Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Muse.

Part-Time and Contract opportunities are of interest.


LVAS - Graphic Designer

Location - Auckland (returning to NZ from Australia 1/8/18)

Certifications - Animation College NZ, Adobe Photo Shop, Indesign, Illustrator, Corel Draw and Design

Operator of - Digital Press Versant 180 Press, Color J75 Press, D110 Black and White, Epson SureColorT7000 and various finishing machines.

LVAS started his career as a Graphic Designer and would be very happy to return to this profession.  Alternatively he is also happy to continue in print production handling file management through to finishing.  After a year working in Australia LVAS returns to Auckland and will be available to work from mid August.  LVAS has excellent communication skills and a keen eye for detail.


AMXAS Marketing Manager | Brand Manager | Advertising Account Manager/Director | Graphic Designer

Location - Open to location.  Immigrating to NZ from South Africa on Work/Residence Visa in 2018

Education - Marketing Management, Business Development Diploma.

AMXAS brings 11 years of experience in Advertising, Marketing and Communications to the table.  Her positions have included Brand Manager, Marketing Manager and Advertising Client Service Account Manager.  She is also skilled as a Graphic Designer with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign expertise.  She has experience in Small Format Print after owning her own Copy Shop for 9 years which gives her a good working knowledge of print possibilities and applications.


ADAJ - Project Manager | Print Procurement 

Location - Auckland

Certifications - Diploma in Media Design and Technology, GS1 Compliant Operator

ADAJ - comes from a Print and Pre-Press background  spanning over 10 years giving him all the skills and knowledge required to make sound and cost effective print acquisitions.  His background includes staff management and customer liaisons and he has a particular passion for work flow management.  He has a sound knowledge of Adobe's Creative Suite and RIP software.    He is hungry for career and skills development and presents as a fast learner with excellent communication skills.


AMAE - Graphic Designer

Location - Auckland 

Certifications - Adobe Ilustrator, Photoshop, Indesign,  Typography, Layout and Colour Assortment.

AMAE has spent the past 3 years as a Graphic Designer working on logos and branding, product and packaging, vehicle wraps, flyers, ad-posters, retail signage and window displays.  She is highly creative and capable of engaging with customers as required.  She possess excellent time management skills enabling her to meet deadlines with precision and accuracy.  She also has RIP knowledge and a background operating large and small format printers and various finishing machines.  This background allows her to consider the production capabilities of her designs.  By nature AMAE will be a pleasure to have on your team.

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