Core Values

Ripple Recruitment is proud to publish its Core Values and our Specialists are happy to be held accountable to them. These values are the backbone of our Code of Conduct.
We are AGILE and we practice with Kindness (the acts of benevolence, consideration and helpfulness) and Honesty (fairness, truthfulness and sincerity).

  • Appreciation - we appreciate every opportunity to provide our services (thankful recognition of an act and critical evaluation of value).

  • Gratitude - we are grateful when you choose to work with us (being warmly appreciative of acts of kindness).

  • Integrity - we will represent you with integrity (honest adherence to moral and ethical principles).

  • Loyalty - we will be faithful to our Values and to our clients both Companies and Candidates (faithfulness to commitments).

  • Empathy - we will be empathetic to the needs of our clients (identification with the thoughts, attitudes and feelings of others).

Our Mantra

I will communicate honestly and with empathy and I will work with integrity.  I will practice kindness and show gratitude when kindness is shown to me.  I will be loyal to my customers and appreciate every opportunity I have to offer my services.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the principles, values, standards and rules of behavior that guide the decisions, procedures and systems of our organisation in a way that (a) contributes to the welfare of our key stakeholders and (b) respects the rights of all constituents affected by its operations.

As a Ripple Recruitment Specialist I have chosen to practice and honor this Code of Conduct.  I will:

1. practice Ripple Recruitment's Core Values in everything I do and with everyone I meet.

2. respect my clients' time by listening closely to what they need me to do for them.  For my company clients I will only submit applicants for their consideration that I truly deem to be appropriate for the position on offer.  For my candidate customers I will work for them diligently until they placed into a position they can be excited about.  I will give every candidate the opportunity of an interview with me.

3. be consultative with my services so I will continuously up-skill and educate myself to offer my clients informed and current guidance to be successful in fulfilling their objectives.

4. communicate with my clients as regularly as necessary to ensure they feel informed and valued at all times.  My communication will be honest and transparent.