Welcome to Ripple Recruitment

Ripple Recruitment is a dynamic business providing a service dedicated to the SME sector.  We are a growing team of innovative, critical-thinking recruitment professionals who each offer a specialised service in one or more industries and employment functions. Our Specialists are well-connected in their fields of expertise which enables us to respond swiftly and expertly to our customer's requests for service.

Each Specialist owns their own business while working under the umbrella of Ripple Recruitment and subscribing to our Core Values and Code of Conduct as described in About Us. Our Specialists are committed to partnering with companies and employment candidates alike in a consultative and inclusive manner. Our objective is to effect a sustainable result for all parties involved in the recruitment process.


As an increasing number of businesses today report a diminishing pool of skilled, eligible candidates, it is more important than ever to partner with a recruitment service that can think the way you think and deliver on your requirements.  Ripple Recruitment not only taps into the currently active candidate pool, we also have access to the hard-to-find, passive candidates who are not actively looking for a placement. These candidates are not typically reached through standard recruitment channels and we know from experience that they prefer to align themselves with an agency they trust such as Ripple Recruitment. Our industry knowledge means we know who is out there which is important because the best employees aren't always looking for a job.


Whether you are applying for a specific position with us or simply want to explore the opportunities for your next career move Ripple Recruitment wants to know you. We want to understand your needs and plans and learn about what you have to offer your next employer. After consultation with you, and where appropriate, we would also like to be your acting agent and champion you in the marketplace. We will promote you judiciously and discretely. There is no financial cost to you for this service. Our objective is to facilitate an employment relationship that satisfies each party's wants and needs. We are committed to  building a relationship with you offering respect and a successful outcome. 
We want to place you in the best job not just any job.

We offer a Mobile recruitment service

In order to be accessible to all our clients, no matter where you are in New Zealand, we offer a Mobile Recruitment Service.

If you are an employer and we do not currently have a Specialist in your area we can come to you to conduct a local recruitment drive. We will also search for your ideal candidate in other regions of New Zealand.  Please contact us if you have a pending vacancy so we can consult with you about our mobile service.

If you are a candidate and we don't yet have a Specialist in your area please contact us to find out when we have a visit scheduled for your region and we can make an appointment to meet with you.