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The Perils of the Dilly Dally

All too often we are told about the Candidate who got away. Perhaps you have your own story to tell.

For quite some time we have been in a talent poor recruitment market and there is no sign of this changing. This means that the vast majority of talent is already in paid employment and at a time when some industries are experiencing a down turn in business many employees are choosing not to make unnecessary employment changes for the sake of stability.

The Magic of 7

The Magic of 7

The other day my son asked me what my favourite number is and explained that his favourite is 22 because he sees it everywhere.  My favourite is 7 and his question got me wondering why this number seems magical to me. 

I can’t tell you why I selected this number but mathematician Alex Bellos  demonstrated that it is the most common favourite number.  Out of a control group of 44,000 over 4,000 of them named the number 7 which was far more than any other number which is a fact that many magicians take advantage of.

7 is a magical and significant number in many ways and one of these is when you are inducting staff so when you are performing this very important function it is good to remember the 3 sevens.  

Personality Plus Profiles

We all know about the personality profile quadrants and most of us are also aware that there are many versions of these from Hippocrates’ Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic to True Colours’ Orange, Gold, Green and Blue.  But did you know that Personality Plus 2007 was developed by Allison Mooney New Zealand’s very own multi-award-winning Certified Speaker.  At Ripple Recruitment our team uses Personality Plus 2007 to guide us towards our successful Candidate placements.  It not only enables us to identify soft skills and characteristics that an employer is seeking but it also allows us to assess a Candidate’s suitability to the team we are looking to place them in.

Working From Home Works

Whether you call it working from home, working remotely or distributed employment the trend is now a revolution.  We have had the technology to make this a reality for quite some time but the concept is just now being embraced and within the next decade or so I predict it to be very common place in the NZ. 

Do you value Performance over time or Over-Time over performance?

Richard Branson famously stated that “….If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients”.  

If you rate performance over over-time and you want your employees to look after your clients the good news is you can have both and it doesn’t need to cost you cent.  All you need to do is offer your employees an opportunity to improve their work/life balance.

53% of employment candidates state that work/life balance is a very important factor when considering whether to take on a new position and employees who feel they have a good work/life balance tend to be happier and perform 21% better than those who feel they don’t. So there are real benefits to reviewing whether your business offers work/life balance.

The Importance of Performance Appraisals

In January and February 2019 many NZ businesses will experience a spike in employee resignations.

If you watch TV you might have noticed that employment law advocates have already started to advertise to their target market of disgruntled, disillusioned and unhappy employees.  Typically, this type of advertising starts in January when these employees are dreading returning to work and are actively looking at taking their employee to task and seeking new employment opportunities. 

A Road Map for Advertising your Vacancy

Job Descriptions are often a Candidates first introduction to your business so be mindful that it reflects your business’ brand. It is important to remember that in today’s market the Candidate has opportunity options and one of the factors that will influence their decision to consider joining a company is assessing whether your company’s brand reflects what they are looking for in an employee. 

The Cost of Staff Retention vs Staff Turnover

Many experts believe the cost of replacing a staff member can be up to 200% of their annual gross salary especially when the the compounded value of a staff member who has been with you for 2 or more years is considered because these staff very likely have a deep understanding of how the company works and may even be responsible for maintaining some key customer relationships. For high level employees the financial losses incurred by the business when they leave could be much greater.

LQ Hiring - What is It?

Employers are amidst a skilled talent shortage and the age of the Millennials whic is bringing us out of the age of traditional recruitment into the age of LQ talent acquisition.

Micromanagement Makes BEST PEOPLE Quit!

“It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to to. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” ― Steve Jobs

Illegal Interview Questions in NZ

Interviewing a Candidate should be handled with respect and with consciousness and knowledge of your legal boundaries.  Can you ask someone "What is your employment status?" or "Are you planning to start a family?".

The Cost of Employee Turnover vs Progressive Benefits

Attract employees, retain employees and save time and money