ICT Sales Manager | Web Developer | Customer Service

DAXH holds a Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering. He is experienced in web design and development using style sheet, Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET. He has also worked with c# and SQL Server. His most recent experience includes ICT sales.

ALCABA - Human Resources | Office Manager

Location - Auckland
Education - MBA in Human Resource Management and Marketing Management 2008
- Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 2018
ALCABA’s passion is human resources including recruitment but he is also proficient in Office Management duties. He would be a suitable candidate to join your existing HR department or he could manage your office with HR as a sub duty.

AHEA - BDM | Account Manager

Location - Hamilton
AHEA is experienced in customer service and has a background as a sales person in the IT sector. She recently acquired a Post Graduation Certificate in Business Level 8 from UUNZ Institute of Business Auckland. She is adept working with every type of person and possesses strong communication skills and she is happy to work in a team or autonomously.

TMACC - Photographer | Image Coordinator and Post Production Editor | Moving Image Design

Location - Auckland 

TMACC is currently in her 2nd year of Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photography at Whitecliffe University of of Arts and Design and she has paid experience with studio lighting and photograohy of people and product, private photoshoots including family, sports, headshots, events, videography contracts.  She was also recently employed as Image Coordinator and Post Production Editing for an agency.  She works with Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Muse.

Part-Time and Contract opportunities are of interest.



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