The Perils of the Dilly Dally

When recruiting we urge you not to dilly dally.

All too often we are told about the Candidate who got away. Perhaps you have your own story to tell.

For quite some time we have been in a talent poor recruitment market and there is no sign of this changing. This means that the vast majority of talent is already in paid employment and at a time when some industries are experiencing a down turn in business many employees are choosing not to make unnecessary employment changes for the sake of stability.

What this means is your opportunities to recruit have very likely diminished and so we recommend you act in a timely manner when you identify the right person for your job offering.  This may require you to act more quickly than you might otherwise would but it will reduce the  very real risk of losing a promising employee to another employer; possibly your competition; who will start reaping the benefits of the placement while you are left to continue the hiring process which let’s face it; most hiring managers dislike immensely.

There are 2 main reasons you may lose a promising potential employee if you dilly dally.  Generally, Candidates belong in 1 of 2 camps. Those that are financially secure and can wait for the right opportunity and are swift to make a decision when they identify it and those that live from pay cheque to pay cheque and are swift to make a decision when the opportunity and remuneration is good enough.  It is wise to remember that neither camp is committed to your cause until an employment offer is put on the table.

There are many reasons a hiring manager feels justified to dilly dally and one of the most common is that they are looking for the perfect Candidate.  Reality check; just as there is no perfect employee there is also no perfect Candidate so when a Candidate is almost perfect that is the person you should be presenting with an employment offer.  When you are reviewing your screening of Candidates ask yourself if they satisfy your requirements on the points below and then ask yourself “Can I afford to lose this person?”. 

1.      Work ethic

2.      Hard and soft skills

3.      Bonus transferable skills

4.      Adaptability

5.      Positive attitude and transparency

6.      Corporate citizenship and team fit

7.      Grit

So don’t dilly dally, take a calculated risk on your almost perfect Candidate today and avoid the pain of “the one that got away”.