Personality Plus Profiles

We all know about the personality profile quadrants and most of us are also aware that there are many versions of these from Hippocrates’ Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic to True Colours’ Orange, Gold, Green and Blue.  But did you know that Personality Plus 2007 was developed by Allison Mooney New Zealand’s very own multi-award-winning Certified Speaker.  At Ripple Recruitment our team uses Personality Plus 2007 to guide us towards our successful Candidate placements.  It not only enables us to identify soft skills and characteristics that an employer is seeking but it also allows us to assess a Candidate’s suitability to the team we are looking to place them in.

It also enables our Candidates to better understand what qualities they have to offer a potential employer and it helps them determine the suitability for them of a particular job offer.

Identifying your type as an employer/manager can also help you dynamically manage your team furthermore, understanding the personality types of your employees will help you motivate them as individuals and assist you with understanding and reaching conflict resolution.

Playful, Powerful, Peaceful and Precise – a synopsis.

Playfuls bring energy and life to a team. They are fun and they love networking and motivating others. They bring energy, life and enthusiasm and they are naturally positive.

They are often the ones to initiate contact and build rapport so they are great in front-line positions and they maintain energy and enthusiasm when the going gets tough.

The Playful is a great team player who doesn’t bring yesterday’s drama into today and they don’t hold grudges.  They are resilient and look for the up-side in every situation.

This type works well under pressure, they rise to any challenge and adjust quickly to changing circumstances working to keep things simple.

The Playful is articulate and has great communication skills, they are able to get a point across to any audience usually using metaphors and stories rather than facts and details.  They are polished and highly persuasive and can charm gatekeepers into divulging names and information.

As long as a Playful deems their workplace fun and they can achieve prestige and recognition they will go the extra mile with increased hours and effort.

As a leader they are inspirational with a bounty of charisma.  They are ideas people who are creative and quick thinking.

Powerfuls are strong visionaries with the future in focus and they know what can be achieved and they see the gains to be had.  They are big-picture types who are highly driven, very ambitious, goal focussed and decisive with a persuasive presence about them.  They move quickly and exist to bring change. 

They have an inborn ability to lead and they see what needs to be done and want they want to see immediate gains. 

They achieve more in half the time of others and can focus equally on all the many irons they have in the fire. 

Powerfuls can see how to action things quicker than others and they want to seize the moment.  These types default to working harder when under stress and they face their issues head on.  They are strong problem solvers and avid multi-taskers.

The Powerful loves the thrill of the chase, and is extremely competitive.  They have the ability to deliver the goods without having to spend endless hours in the planning stage, they just work it out as they go.

Powerfuls are outcome driven.  They are leaders with a natural feel for being in charge, and they are very confident in their ability to achieve.  Because they are change agents, they can offer several solutions to one issue, thinking quickly on their feet. 

They tend to be task oriented with clear thinking and an ability to keep control when others are losing it. 

Peacefuls are the best at building cohesive teams and they are known for being reliable and versatile.  They are brilliant listeners and are able to put things in context and bring clarity to any situation.  As their name implies there is a peace and harmony about them and their biggest strength is bringing order out of chaos. 

Peacefuls function systematically and efficiently so they make great administrators.  They are very relaxed and pleasant people who make no demands to be in the limelight or in pivotal positions of power. 

They are great when the heat is on because it takes a lot to get them stressed.  Peacefuls are problem solvers and they exercise control and patience with a calming effect on others.

This type loves being in a team environment, they are very approachable and make an effort to focus on the positive aspects of people.  They are tolerant and adaptable but they don’t like unjustified change and they cannot be pushed or goaded into action.  They are calm and not impulsive. 

The Peaceful is fiercely loyal, open, sincere and faithful. 

They make excellent 2ICs and as leaders they are strongly diplomatic, gracious and restorative. 

They are often described as unassuming, believable, quiet, unobtrusive and convincing.

The Precise wants to get things done in an orderly manner and is known for being thoughtful, logical, well-mannered, and persistent.  They are fact based and practical with a natural instinct to probe and research because they have a fetish for accuracy and they crave data. 

They are organised and their inclination to research means they are typically well ahead of others with high-tech knowledge.

They are the most intellectual of the four profiles and because of their logical thinking habits, they have a tendency to make decisions rationally and factually and can separate themselves emotionally from the process. 

They have a strategic leadership style with brilliant critical skills and a deep creativity.  These critical skills demand them to consider the downside of situations so they can often deal with issues that otherwise might be overlooked or come as a surprise to others.  They are sensitive to people’s feelings but demand quality.

Precise are sticklers for details, their eyes are like scanners and can spot errors within moments, often seeing mistakes others do not.  Their motto is ‘measure twice, cut once’. Most engineers and doctors are this type.

They are self-contained with a cool manner and they will get the job done and done well.

They have a strong sense of justice and fair play and they are reasonable and measured in their approach.

The Precise is thrifty and frugal and has a ‘work before play’ mentality strictly adhering to timeframes with the ability to qualify and quantify everything.

The Precise has the ability to establish processes and procedures and their strategic ability to save costs, crunch numbers and make a profit makes them valuable in the workplace. 

They are also great trainers as they give clear instructions and explain everything well.

Kayleen Martin - Recruiter | Talent Agent Specialist