YAAN - Sales Coordinator

YAAN brings 18 years of experience in sales support functions. She has a strong internal and external customer service focus and she will make sure the wheels of your sales department keep turning.

KDAB - Credit Controller | Sales Support

KDAB will be a long serving loyal employee. She is looking for a new environment to reignite her passion for administration and her innate desire to serve. If you want stability and continuity in a role KDAB will bring this.

EAXH - Business Developer | Key Account Manager

EAXH is a blue chip salesman in the FMCG sector. His passion and drive to the best in the game is unrivaled. He is an excellent communicator, story teller and solution provider.

YAAM - Office Administrator | Sales Support

Location - Auckland

Are you looking for a friendly face and a customer service centric phone operator then YAAM might be just the right fit and she can offer you so much more. She is process driven, cares for detail and is well versed in reporting and support functions.

AHEA - BDM | Account Manager

Location - Hamilton
AHEA is experienced in customer service and has a background as a sales person in the IT sector. She recently acquired a Post Graduation Certificate in Business Level 8 from UUNZ Institute of Business Auckland. She is adept working with every type of person and possesses strong communication skills and she is happy to work in a team or autonomously.

KWAPE - Change Agent | Sales Manager | Country Manager | General Manager

Location - North Shore
If your business needs a shake up and perhaps even a new direction KWAPE can make this happen for you.  He is analytical and a "doer" and has turned a number of businesses around with increased sales and profit margins.

30 years in the Automotive industry has equipped him to "handle every type of person , whether they be employees or the general public.  He has powerful negotiating and selling skills with unrivaled tenacity to achieve a result whatsoever that may be.  The ever changing world of automotive has honed KWAPE's adaptability and innovative skill sets.

 JMAA - Account Manager | Sales Rep | Sales Support | Customer Service

Location - Auckland
Experience in both Account Management and Sales positions for the past 3 years.  She is recognised for building rapport with her customers very quickly.  Her background in hospitality has also given her a strong foundation in customer service.  She is energetic and a quick study.

 JKAH - Country Manager | Regional Manager | Sales Manager | Project Manager | BDM | Sales

Location - Auckland 
Bachelor of Commerce - 
Commercial Law, Marketing, Communication, Communication & Economics, Accounting & Economics
Positions Held - NZ Country Manager, Operations Manager, Regional Sales Manager
Experience building a retail distributor network, staff and contractor recruitment, financial analysis, export sales, warehousing, logistics, importing, government and private sector tenders and marketing including eCommerce based solutions and multi lingual advertising.

JKAH has a strong knowledge of NZ Employment Law, Financial analysis, accountability and reporting.  He values precision and his communication skills help him build strong networks.  He is available for positions that include international and/or NZ travel.

ESAF - FMCG Key Account Manager | FMCG Sales

Location - Auckland - open to relocation for the right opportunity
Bachelor of Commerce - Double Major - International Business and Marketing
Positions Held - FMCG Key Account Manager, Supply Planning Manager, Customer Service,  Sales
Experience building relationships at Head Office level, tenders, conducting group presentations, organising and presenting Road Shows and working with buying groups, retail chains, hotel chains, entertainment venues and SME hospitality businesses.

ESAF is fluent in Mandarin and excels in "solution selling".  He is happy to be considered for positions that include international and/or NZ travel.  

CBAS - Sales Support

Location - Auckland North Shore
Positions Held - Trade Retail Sales Support, Warehousing Accounts Clerk, Customer Service and Administration, PA to General Manager
CBAS is the bona fide people's person.with a strong set of organisational and administration skills.  As a Sales Support Administrator your sales team will be looked after down to the finest detail allowing them them to focus on their key function.   Her MS Office skills are intermediate/advanced level and she is a quick leaner so other software systems will be quickly mastered allowing her to serve her team well.   CBAS has very strong communication skills which will be appreciated by her sales team directly and will also allow the team to feel comfortable that her communication with their clients will be of the highest standard.

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