CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Writing Services

50 Below Service Plan
- this plan is for vacancies paying less than $50k per annum including Full-Time, Part-Time, Fixed Term, Casual, Seasonal.

50 Above Service Plan
- this is the traditional plan for vacancies paying $50k or more per annum.

FIRST and NEXT Service Plan
- this plan is available to employers who are choose to support our applicants who have experienced trauma in their lives and are no able and eager to enter the work force for the first time or are seeking to reintegrate into the work force.

Customised Service Plans
From time to time companies approach us with needs that our established plans may not fully cater for and we enjoy the opportunity and challenge of developing a service and fee plan that works for both parties. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a Customised Service Plan. If you would like to speak with someone now, please call Kayleen Martin on 027 647 5000.

Ripple Women
Ripple Women is our exclusive service for women who are invited by a Ripple Recruitment Specialist or an associated agent. It is a service tailored to women business owners and operators and women seeking employment opportunities.
We work with women who are:
- at the top of their game
- looking to re-enter the work force after maternity leave
- entering or reentering the workforce after raising a family or supporting a partner’s career
- offering niche or specialist skills and/or personable attributes.

If you think this could be you please visit us at Ripple Women to find out more or contact Kayleen Martin.