KWAPE - Change Agent | Sales Manager | Country Manager | General Manager

Location - North Shore

If your business needs a shake up and perhaps even a new direction KWAPE can make this happen for you.  He is analytical and a "doer" and has turned a number of businesses around with increased sales and profit margins.

30 years in the Automotive industry has equipped him to "handle every type of person , whether they be employees or the general public.  He has powerful negotiating and selling skills with unrivaled tenacity to achieve a result whatsoever that may be.  The ever changing world of automotive has honed KWAPE's adaptability and innovative skill sets.


BSAPH - Country Manager | General Manager | Operations Manager | Change Manager

Location - Auckland and other North Island areas

BSAPH has held various positions at an award winning Hospitality Academy with the past 5 years operating as General Manager responsible for a team of 60 including managers and educators. Some of her key functions have been multi-site operations, personnel recruitment, quality assurance, customer retention and asset management.  BSAPH is a "change agent" and will no doubt quickly add value to the next organisation she joins.   She is equipped to orchestrate a strategic and structural make-over if required. 


JKAH - Country Manager | Regional Manager | Sales Manager | Project Manager | Business Developer | Sales

Location - Auckland 

Bachelor of Commerce - Commercial Law, Marketing, Communication, Communication & Economics, Accounting & Economics

Positions Held - NZ Country Manager, Operations Manager, Regional Sales Manager

Experience building a retail distributor network, staff and contractor recruitment, financial analysis, export sales, warehousing, logistics, importing, government and private sector tenders and marketing including eCommerce based solutions and multi lingual advertising.

JKAH has a strong knowledge of NZ Employment Law, Financial analysis, accountability and reporting.  He values precision and his communication skills help him build strong networks.  He is available for positions that include international and/or NZ travel

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